Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Diamond as Big as The Ritz

This screenprint is inspired by the short story "The Diamond as Big as The Ritz" by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Red Riding Hood

These sequential images are a version of the red riding hood tale that predates the brothers Grimm, in the story after tricking red to eat her grandmothers remains, the wolf makes her get into bed with him, when she ays she needs the toilet after refusing to do it in bed the wolf ties some wool around her ankle. Once outside red tricks the wolf by attatching the wool to a tree and escaping.

A Clockwork Orange

This illustration is for a setting in a Clockwork Orange, the idea was to show the comparison of aggressive youth against a nostalgic backdrop.

Character design

This project required the reworking of already existing characters and to create their alter-ego. These illustrations are a bookish reworking of the evil queen and fairy tale wolf, shown as the alter-ego of male to female and young to old.